The Wiesbaden Women's Museum main focus is on the lived experiences of women from the past, present, and future through a cultural and historical lens is the Wiesbaden Women's Museum's central focus.

Since its founding in 1984, this award winning and interdisciplinary museum has been sponsored by the nonprofit Frauenwerkstatt Wiesbaden, among others, and is further funded by the city’s Cultural Office.

The museum develops and presents 600 square meters of changing exhibitions focusing on different themes. Contemporary art exhibits offer glimpses into the creative minds of women artists from all times and places, putting together a more comprehensive historical and cultural understanding. Special exhibit themes present inspiring feminine personalities. The various programming available ranges from conferences, seminars, lectures, readings, and walking tours to film viewings and dance performances.

In 1997 the Wiesbaden Women's Museum received the Wiesbaden Culture Award.

Dates and Trivia

  • 2014
    30 year anniversary of the Wiesbaden Women's Museum
  • 2009
    25 year anniversary of the Wiesbaden Women's Museum
  • 1997
    The Wiesbaden Women's Museum receives the Wiesbaden Culture Award
  • 1984
    The Wiesbaden Women's Museum has its grand opening on 7 November.