Education and communication are central concerns of the women’s museum wiesbaden.
You can look forward to an exciting and diverse range of guided tours!

Public guided tours

Our public guided tours provide an overview over the idea behind and the conception of the respective exhibition, and indicate emphases and conceptual links by means of selected exhibits.


Allow yourself to be introduced to the women’s museum wiesbaden with a glass of Prosecco or with a typically German coffee and cake, while we give you an overview of our collections and current temporary exhibitions.

Guided walking tours of the city

The women’s museum wiesbaden places great importance on researching female city history. Learn more about historical women and get to know Wiesbaden on one of our fascinating walking tours.

Forest walks

Go on a gentle hike in Wiesbaden’s city forest and listen to the many stories around the living woodland environment and its myths. While you immerse yourself in nature, these stories will also provide information about the natural history of the place.

Individual guided tours

Of course, you can book any tours for private groups and companies. It is a great experience for special occasions, such as birthdays, group and company away days. We would be glad to assist you in putting together a tailored group programme to meet your specific requirements.

School and preschool groups

The women’s museum wiesbaden considers itself as an informal learning space, where everyone can actively engage with societal topics. Here, art, culture, history and their interconnections can be experienced in a sensuous way in different projects and guided tours. Our educational programme is aimed at teachers, groups of children, young people and school classes.

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Tours in English and Polish available on request.

Group Tour Prices

up to 10 visitors for 30 Euros (not including guests' entry fees)

up to 20 visitors for 60 Euros (not including guests' entry fees)

50 Euros for all foreign language tours.