Archaeological Collection

The exhibits displayed in the 1993-show “The Language of the Goddess” forms the basis of the archaeological collection of the women’s museum wiesbaden. Since then over 400 exhibits have been incorporated into the collection: they are figurines of women and goddess from the stone age to the present. A selection of the collection can be seen in the permanent exhibition “Of Goddesses and Wisdom”.

Social History Collection

The women’s museum wiesbaden’s large cultural-historical collection comprises exhibits of the history of everyday life and documents relating to city history: books, magazines, brochures, audio and video recordings, posters, everyday objects, clothing and much else. The twin focal points of the collection are the women’s movement and female city history.

Art Collection

The art collection of the women’s museum wiesbaden offers many insights into the work of nationally and internationally acclaimed contemporary female artists. We show paintings, sculptures as well as drawings, photographs and art installations. The women’ museum wiesbaden uses its own resources to acquire works of art. Donations also contribute greatly to extending the collection.