Yama Rahimi

17. September 2017
— 20. January 2018

The cold look

The dominance of patriarchal structures in Afghanistan and the implied oppression of women is the focus of Yama Rahimi’s exhibition »The cold look«. The government of Afghanistan grants the same rights to men and women. Reality is different. Women are excluded from several aspects of social life and have to cope with constant cruelty of men.

“The Cold Look" is the voice of several oppressed nation of Afghan women, which yell the pain of (Living at the corner of society, Haven’t independent election, Placed as second gender, Haven’t definite identity, activity of body and still mind, Cruelty of men, injustice of governments and the cold look of jailer) At last invite all of you to take part for solving of this big problem.”
(Yama Rahimi, Artist Statement)