Cambra Skadé

13. May
— 22. July 2018

Along the way to Heimat

Along the way to Heimat
Cambra Skadé is a storyteller, a crazy poet of myths, who tells of fires and of flowers, of pathways, of being on the move, and of the pulsations of life.
Drawings, painted layers and stories, text and textiles are woven together to create picture stories. There is a vexing mysteriousness and a sense of humour in her artistic work, which lends a lightness of touch to grave subject matter, and, in turn, depth to that lightness.
On show are mixed-up stories in paint and pencil. Transparent paper layers are sewn together, engraved drawings and figurative chalk sketches overlay each other.
Cambra Skadé works with manipulated photographs, collage and décollage, which allows the viewer to perceive lower layers, which combine afresh in new narrative threads.