13. September
— 13. December 2020

Nataschka! Wenn nicht alle davon erfahren, was taugen wir dann!

Nataschka! If everyone doesn't know about this, what good are we?
In 1979 a few women in Leningrad published the first illegal feminist magazine in the Soviet Union. They write about everyday life in the Soviet Union, the situation of single parents, violence in maternity hospitals, women in prisons. What a scandal. The authors are expelled from the country or are sent to camps. Western feminists are delighted and translate the magazine into many languages. The exhibition presents the texts, explains their context, and in video interviews the authors tell their own stories.
An exhibition of the Leipzig Leibniz Institute for History and Culture of Eastern Europe (GWZO), in cooperation with the German-Russian Cultural Workshop Zhaba and the Research and Information Centre Memorial / Benjamin Joffe Foundation (St. Petersburg).
Curated by Olessia Bessmeltseva (St. Petersburg) and Philipp Venghaus (Leipzig).
The Federal Foreign Office is supporting the exhibition as part of the programme "Expanding Cooperation with Civil Society in the Eastern Partnership Countries and Russia (Eastern Partnership Programme)”.