SATURDAYspecial / Renovación

09. April 2016
> 12:00 – 17:00

Unser Gottesbild braucht mehr Vielfalt. Die Theologin und Mythenforscherin Vera Zingsem und die Patriarchatsforscherin Gabriele Uhlmann machen in ihren Vorträgen das weiblich Göttliche sichtbar.

12:00 PM—ISIS—the first all-powerful deity in history´
Vera Zingsem, theologian and scholar of mythology

Monotheism is viewed today as the most developed form of religious tradition. However, monotheism still has negative effects on culture and on the world. This is, namely, Wirklichskeitsverlust, or loss of touch with reality. In this case, it refers to the notion that those who are ‘evil’ are always the other people outside of the tradition, and must either be eliminated or converted. This lecture takes us back into a mythology whose changes at the onset of monotheism also affected community life.

1:45PM—break for refreshments (with previous registration only)

2:30PM —the god in the ninth month
Gabriele Uhlmann, scholar of patriarchal society

Powerful male gods give birth from their heads, out of the eyes, from the nose, or out of the mouth. They mold humankind out of clay or let them grow out of rocks. As weather gods, they quench their children’s thirst with rain and snatch them from their mothers to fashion them in their own image, and murder these children when it does not go according to plan. Their immortality is what sets the gods apart from the human mothers. Patriarchal men of today strive to succeed where the gods of mythology succeeded also—to steal the power of birth from the mother. Uhlmann demonstrates how, in today’s society, similar birth envy and breastfeeding envy are the driving forces.

4:15PM—tour through Renovación exhibit—LaBGC

Female artist LaBGC explores original aesthetic and cultural forms with her large works of art, searching to answer to what extent the idea and conception of humankind has changed over the course of time and whether, despite all of the differences across humanity, there is some common ground.

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