Closer to God than their own Jugular – Prof. Dr. Susanne Schröter / Renovación

27. April 2016
> 19:00

Pious Muslims in Germany

Pious Muslims are, in the words of the Quran, ‘closer to God than their own jugular vein.’ They give themselves over to their religion, understanding that their earthly life is only a transitory stage on the way to eternal life in paradise. With such an understanding, they try to keep the Word of God in everyday life.
Susanne Shröter researched the Wiesbadener Mosque community for three years, and presents in her book a unique look into the lives and thought processes of truly devout Muslims. She then shows what programs the city of Wiesbaden ought to use to further integration.

Rose-Lore Scholz, the head of the city of Wiesbaden's department for education, culture, and integration, will be present and will provide opening remarks.