Jutta Obenhuber/Caroline Krause

29. April
— 24. June 2018

Geometriesegmente - Landschaftsfragmente

Segments of Geometry - Segments of Landscape
There are artists, such as Caroline Krause and Jutta Obenhuber, who respond to the inner urge to create and follow their own path. Ignoring the loud clamour of contemporary trends, they swathe themselves in silence and focus on the play of lights, colourful shadows, on completion achieved in the details.
Networks, constructive structures, interior segments, fragments of landscape, dim compositions out of specks emerge from layers and transparent surfaces. An emphasis on the fragment plays an important part in the work of both artists. The sum of the parts creates the whole, and yet, each part can, in turn, be imbued with the characteristics of the whole.
Their independently conceived creative worlds come together like parallel lines in the infinite distance.
Dr Judit Szeifert (National Museum, Budapest)

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