Woman on the cross

9. February
— 30. August 2020

Ulrike Wörner

For 500 years, the crucified woman has been venerated as a saint and healer. She is known by names such as Wilgefortis, Uncumber, Kümmernis (“anxiety” or “grief”) or as Santa Liberata or Santa Eulalia in Romance countries.
Since late medieval times, the crucified woman has been depicted with a full-length tunic and with a crown. And: She has a beard. There are countless depictions of her in the Alpine region. Closer to home, we also find her picture in a church in Rauenthal (Rheingau).
This exhibition gives both an impression of and provides a survey of this image, which is currently having a renaissance in the fine arts, popular culture and politics. Then as now, the figure is an allegory for liberation and tolerance. She is thus an ideal figure on whom social and political concerns can be projected.

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