Kunst mit Klasse! - die Vierte!

21. June
— 5. July 2020


Get up close and personal with the exhibitions in the frauen museum wiesbaden, approach the works by means of drawing them. Picture the imaginary, explore the lives of female rebels and shape them scenically in books. See the basic shapes, take them apart, grapple with their meaning and compose them anew into collages. Resonate with current art in order to find one’s own visual language in the end.
The students of the advanced art course of the Gustav-Heinemann-School, Rüsselsheim, after one year of cooperation with the frauen museum wiesbaden, put together a show that deals with a variety of topics and techniques which invite you to look more closely and explore. If you have become curious, you are cordially invited to be guided through the exhibition by the students themselves, who’ll be present at the opening.